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What Is STEAM Education?

You’ve probably heard of STEM  and STEAM education, but what is it? STEM education refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical education. The philosophy of STEM education is to integrate those subjects into educational experience in order to reflect and further the development of modern technology and industry.

When you add the Arts to STEM, STEM education becomes STEAM education, and integrates creative problem solving with technical, analytical and investigative skills.

Why is STEAM So Important?

So why is STEM and STEAM so important? This education prepares students to become future architects, animators, inventors, scientists, engineers and mathematicians.  In short, this education develops technical, analytical, investigative and creative problem solving skills that could innovate and change the world.

Experiential Play and STEAM

STEAM education isn’t just studying and school though.  Through experiential and hands-on play with your family and friends you are learning with less effort.  Who doesn’t like board games, making slime, and craft time with family and friends?!  Follow us @griddlygames to learn more about what experiential play is, how it helps learning, and how our science kits make learning fun through experiential play.