What we do

Griddly Games specializes in creating STEAM science and art kits, STEM games & family board games. 

Our STEAM Kits combine science experiments and arts activities to inspire an interest in science and learning through hands-on, experiential play. All the kits provide everything you need to engage in multiple science and art activities.

We hope to nurture a passion for the subject of Science, Math, Engineering, Technology and Arts with every one of the games we create. More importantly, we hope to make playtime an unforgettable, fun learning experience.



According to the Education Commission of the States, STEM jobs are expected to grow 13% between 2017 and 2027! Statistics Canada also found that STEM graduates not only are likelier to find employment than their BAHSE (Business, Arts, Humanities, Social science, and Education) counterparts, but they earned more on average. These are just two sources that point towards the same thing- STEM & STEAM education is very important! This is why encouraging an interest in STEAM subjects from a young age can set up children for success. What better way to do it than by turning into a game? Check out our STEM games and STEAM kits and get ready to make learning fun.