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STEAM kits Sugar Just Add Sun

Our Just Add Sun Science Kit includes a variety of activities that are incredibly fun- from nacho-making to thermometer-building.  There’s something in it that’s guaranteed to entertain each member of the family!

But, what makes Just Add Sun into the perfect gift for anyone whom you want to encourage a budding love of science and a spark of creativity in?

Learn more about what makes Just Add Sun an unforgettable  STEAM kit!

1. It teaches children about eco-friendly energy alternatives.

Just Add Sun talks about concepts such as cooking your food and warming objects using sunlight- making a lasting impression on kids about the possibilities of using alternative energy sources!

2. It talks about important science concepts such as heat-transfer.

Learning new concepts can be difficult until you apply what you’ve learned. With Just Add Sun, the whole family gets the opportunity to see amazing science concepts in action- right in your own home!

3. It allows kids to be creative!

Just Add Sun provides a set of instructions, yes, but we also encourage experiential play! Having kids learn about the scientific method by recording their own process and results can be a deeply rewarding experience.

4. It’s interdisciplinary!

The activities in Just Add Sun are all a blend of different subjects- mix science and art together to achieve incredible things!

5. It encourages reflection.

Learning isn’t simply about following instructions- it’s about reflection. Just Add Sun provides the perfect opportunity for thoughtful learning experiences by engaging and challenging kids during each activity in the kit.


Just Add Sun is community-conscious
A portion of the proceeds from Just Add Sun is donated to Solar Cookers International!

Make family time into an unforgettable (and educational) experience with this amazing activity kit! Buy your own Just Add Sun here.

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