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White lab-coat, glasses, and… how old again? The scientists of today are a bit younger than you might expect!

Each of these exceptional young people has made an amazing contribution to the fields of STE(A)M. Click the link to learn more about them.

1. Gabriel Dayan, 19

One biology class in high school led Gabriel down a path of research into the applications of immunotherapy in cancer treatment.

2. Carly Smith, 17

Carly’s science project explored how different dyes are absorbed in water and how they can be removed.

3. Danish Mahmood, 15

Danish’s amazing invention makes tracking vital signs easier than ever for healthcare professionals!

4. Brendon Matusch, 14

Using machine-learning, Brendon was able to create a self-driving go-kart. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

5. Veenadhari Kollipara, 17

Veenadhari’s invention, a drone-based, precision agriculture solution, might just change the way we produce our food.

6. Cassidy Blanchard, 18

Cassidy was the only student from Atlantic Canada (and only one of five students in the country!) to receive a STEAM Horizon Award and a scholarship .

7. Kayley Ting, 17

Another amazing young recipient of the STEAM Horizon Award, as well as a $25,000 scholarship- congrats, Kayley!

8. Benjamin “Benjy” Firester, 18

Benjamin’s research on the microorganism that caused the Irish Potato Famine (and which continues to affect crops worldwide) could save farmers’ millions!

9. Kavin Kathir, 13

Kavin’s project, “Trash to Treasure: A Sustainable Approach to Oil Spill Cleanup” has earned him recognition and 10 science awards!

10. Stella Bowles, 14

At age 14, Stella is the only Canadian on a list of recipients for the International Young Eco-Awards, where she got first place in her age group.

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