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Parenting is difficult, of course. With a myriad of tips and confusing advice, it’s hard to figure out what will or won’t work when raising children.

However, a recent Harvard study might have some simple insight that makes a big difference. As obvious as it might sound, showing your kids affection really does have a huge impact in their lives. Admittedly, the way we express our love varies from culture to culture, from family to family, and from individual to individual. Having said this, the study looked at some key aspects to showing affection.

More Than “I Love You”

While expressing your love towards your kid is never a bad thing, the Harvard study suggested a few more ways of showing affection. From demonstrating warmth, to teaching your children about life, to having family routines- showing off your affection doesn’t necessarily have to be a verbal reassurance.

Forming cherished memories through a family board game night, for example, could be a beautiful way of expressing your love.
Bonding with your children through shared interests, or by teaching them a new skill are also both amazing opportunities to show your feelings. For example, think of just how meaningful it can be for a father to teach their child how to ride a bike!

Now that you know this (or maybe you already knew, since it seems so obvious) don’t wait! Expressing your affection (in all of the different ways it can be done) is very important. Not only does it bring parent and child closer together, but it also has a meaningful impact on your kids’ future. That’s right! Adults who had good relationships with their parents were more successful. Those who were satisfied with the level of warmth and affection in their relationships also tended to be overall happier people.

And, after all, isn’t a happy and successful child what every parent hopes for in the end?

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