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Many people speak about wanting their kids to be “happy”. These are never words that I chose to use as a parent. I always wanted my kids to lead “meaningful lives.” And through this, they would find happiness throughout their lives. But how do we achieve this?

Making sure we address all aspects of our children’s lives; we need to keep in mind the synergy of the Mind, Body and Soul. As a dance teacher, mom, grandma, and toy inventor as well as a builder, I am constantly reminded that there are so many elements in our everyday lives that finding the proper balance is the key for parents when raising well-rounded healthy children.

Harmony in the soul, mind and body is ultimate wellness and happiness, and, as such, attaining this balance should be an important goal for every individual, including our children. As parents, we can set up goals for our kids in each topic which will help to achieve this.


Kids’ goals for mind awareness can be things like the number of books they read; reading the instructions to a new game or DYI kit; or learning a new skill. Help them with their goal-setting. They may need a little direction in the things they choose.


This is important for kids as well. When they learn healthy habits as kids, they are more likely to stick with them later in life. You could encourage them to learn to run a mile, dance, play a board game, learn to ride their bike, or play a new sport. Making active lifestyle habits a part of their daily lives will leave them healthier throughout their lives.


Whether you are a spiritual person or not, there are many ways to nourish your children’s souls. Being kind to others, meditating, doing volunteer work, strengthening relationships (family or friends), getting more organized, learning to share toys, we’re showing kids that by doing these things we are actually giving us our own joy.

Mind, Body and Soul Time with your children will help build strong relationships that are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Playing with your children will continue to connect and build your bonds together. Get in touch with your inner child and have fun and laugh together! Share in the experiences your children want to explore. Whether it is making slime, or playing a board game, let them choose the activity. Your job is to be there. This might seem like a simple chore, but being present and available will help your children develop an awareness of Self. It helps raise their consciousness to have a deeper connection to you and those around; and it’ll help build self-confidence and increase positivity.

Ultimately, the combination provides your children with the gift of harmony of Mind, Body and Soul for a meaningful life filled with happiness.

An article by Reisa Schwartzman, President, Griddly Games, Inc