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A Smart Gift is a feel-good gift for both the gift giver and gift receiver, but it’s also a take on the S.T.E.A.M. term used to describe the products from Griddly Games.  

S.M.Art (Science Math and Art) are just a portion of the positive experiences, fond memories, opportunities to learn, and fun from Smart Gifts. 

The SMArt gifts from Griddly Games include its families of Just Add branded STEAM kits and its STEM board games. This year, maybe more than ever, we wanted to point out the wholesome home-based fun of our products, the replay value, and the forum for quality time experiences, as well as the underlying educational elements.

 Griddly’s line-up of seven different STEAM kits is led by the explosively fun, new Just Add Baking Soda. This kit has more than 20 different science experiments that burst into super cool crafts. including making Bath Bombs, Ornaments, a Baking Soda Volcano and so much more! The transformative kit allows the discovery of chemical reactions, states of matter, and alkalines.  

Also new this year is the Just Add Fruits & Veggies. Old fruit or vegetables get recycled into experiments and crafts when you can “produce” a crop of crafts. This new kit offers 20 fun science and art activities while learning chemical reactions, osmosis, germination and study of electricity!  

The other Just Add kits include: 

In the game aisle, Griddly Games has some smart gifts in its array of STEM games that include the MENSA Select Finalist Rocket Lander. This dice component game with an out of this world theme challenges players to strategically plot a graph on a 3-D axis point to try to create the perfect rocket landing space.  

Other Griddly games include: 

  • Oversight an abstract strategy game that pits 2-4 players in a race to be the first with 4 tokens in a row as players choose to place a token on the board, or slide an entire row or column by one space.  
  • Wise Alec™ is the multi-generational, family trivia game with a witty twist when Wise Alec cards engage players in brain teasers, reward for good manners, and physical activities. Six Wise Alec Travel and Expansion Decks are also available. 
  • Rainbows & Storms a create-your-own board game kit that gives children have the opportunity to place over 300 adhesive shapes and colors on their board to envision their own design and then play the game.