A love for STEAM

The team behind Griddly Games is defined by their unwavering commitment to create amazing games that engage kids with STEAM content. We want to share our own passion for these topics with others in a fun, approachable way. We also want to make each experience you have with our products an unforgettable one.

Take a look at our games and STEAM kits and join the Griddly family today!

Company History

Founded in 2007, we started off as a small company with only a few board games and a big dream. It was the development of Wise Alec that really marked a new page in Griddly’s story. This just made us even more certain of the fact that we had something truly special going on! Our focus then turned towards creating engaging STEAM games & content that would make learning into something memorable. We wanted to make games that could bring people together, and which everyone in the family could cherish.

What about now?

Our CEO’s extensive experience and  love for making a difference in each of our customer’s lives drives this company forward.

With a STEM career, a background in exercise physiology and psychology, and 19 years of teaching to back up her skills, it’d be hard to find someone quite so passionate (or so qualified) to be leading the charge for Griddly.

Our team is so excited to keep striking a spark of curiosity in the people who play our games. We can’t wait to bring more families closer through STEM and STEAM content, and we hope to have  you be a part of our journey.

Why Griddly?

You won’t find it in the dictionary- so why did we choose Griddly as our name? Simple! We wanted something that would embody connection and our love for STEAM. What a better way to represent these two things than with a grid?

Our Mission

Griddly Games’ mission is defined by the three words in our motto –  Play. Explore. Empower.

First and foremost, we want to make learning fun. Playtime is so important, and we want to encourage parents and teachers to make the most of it by turning it into something even more impactful and enriching.

Griddly’s focus on Experiential Play leads us to our next word. Explore. We want children to be creative, unique, and excited! Through our STEM and STEAM activities and games, we hope to nurture a love for exploration, learning, science, and art.

Finally, we want to Empower. We hope that Griddly Games empowers future generations to learn actively and to pursue STEM and STEAM fields- after all, they’re rapidly growing and in high-demand. Our mission is also to empower adults by giving them the right information and the tools to apply STEM & STEAM knowledge to the best of their abilities. Want to learn more about STEM, STEAM, or the value of making playtime fun?