Word Game
Ages 10+ years

National Parenting Center Griddly Games

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1 Timer
12 Letter dice
1 Special order die
30 Cards with 300 categories
Instructions for play



  1. Select a category.
  2. Roll the special order die to determine the position you will be looking for letters to be in (either 1st, 2nd, or Last).
  3. Roll the remaining 12 letter dice.
  4. Flip the 1-minute timer.
  5. All players: Begin calling out any words that fit the category and have any of the rolled letters in the correct position (i.e. D – for Dog if the die rolls “1st” or O – for Dog if the die rolls “2nd”).
  6. Pull the letter dice towards you as you call out words until all letters have been claimed, or the timer runs out.
  7. Count the points on the letter dice you have collected and record.
  8. Select a new category and roll again for the next round!
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