Mind Teaser Game
Ages 10+ years

National Parenting Center Griddly Games

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101 Category cards
24 Wise Alec cards
Rules in English, Espanol, Francais, and Deutsch


Determine the amounts of points required to win.  Point totals can different for each player or team if playing with varying ages.  Decide if you want to play Standard Round Pick-Up, Speed Round, or Challenege Round.

Standard Round Pick-Up: Pick a card from the top of the deck.  Each player in clockwise succession gives a word in alphabetic order related to the category.  If a player gets stumped they are eliminated from this round.  Last player standing wins the points posted on the card.  If all players get stuck on one letter, the topic is discarded and another topic is chosen.

Speed Round: Each player takes a pen and paper and on the word of “go” each player writes down in alphabetic order all the words they can relate to the category.  First person to call “time” stops the clock.  The person with the most acceptance answers wins the point.

Challenge Round:  Player must complete entire alphabet of subject on their own to receive points.

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