Spatial Strategy Game
Ages 7+ years

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16 blue rockets
16 green rockets
16 purple rockets
16 orange rockets
2 red dice
1 blue dice
2 doubled-sided game boards
1 playing box

Each rocket colour includes two 4’s, three 3’s, four 2’s, and five 1’s, plus two jokers with no value


To begin roll the two dice with red numbers.

The numbers that appear on the red dice will be used by every player during the round and that red dice will not be rolled again until everyone has taken their turn.

On your turn, roll the single die with blue numbers to determine a third number that is unique to you.

Use all three numbers rolled by the red and blue dice to decide which number will be represent the row, which number will represent the column, and which number will represent the value of the rocket that you will plot on the grid.

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