Family Trivia Game
Ages 8+ years

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1 Timer
1 Coloured die
1 Playing board
4 Sets of cards
6 Playing pawns
Instructions for varied play



Wise Alec is an award winning dynamic family trivia game, filled with trivia questions in science, history and spelling from school curriculum with a very fun twist. Win by having the most points in a set time or reach your goal before anyone else!

Wise Alec offers choices – there is an easy and a hard question on ever card. Play with your own age or with your family, you can all play together. Game play encourages working memory and improves cognition skills and speed. The Wise Alec cards are filled with fun physical activity and surprises on every turn with tongue twisters, brain teasers, exercises and activities!

The objective of the game and how you decide who wins is your choice.  Option 1 could be the winner is the first person to reach the point goal.  Option 2 could be the winner is the person with the highest score when the time ends.  Option 3 could be that different age and skill levels have different goals in order to make it fair.

On your turn you roll the dice and move that many spaces in any direction you want.  The person next to you draws a card for you based on the colour square you land on.  You can choose the easy question for 3 points or the harder one for 7 points.  If you answer correctly you get that many points.


Expansion Package Include:

Wise Alec Bright Ideas packaging closeup Wise Alec Civilize This packaging Wise Alec Sports Buffs packaging Wise Alec Nature Nuts packaging Wise Alec Body Works packaging
Invention trivia with an innovative twist!

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Cultural Trivia with An Adventurous Twist

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Sports Trivia with an Active Twist!

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Nature Trivia with a Nutty Twist!

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Human Body Trivia with a Lively Twist!

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