4 seperate games included that cover memory, counting, acting and recognition
Ages 4+ years




Sensory griddly games SENSORY Strategic Thinking griddly games STRATEGIC THINKING Memory griddly games MEMORY Hand Eye Coordination griddly games HAND EYE COORDINATION Math griddly games MATH
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24 Memory cards
50 Counting cards
25 Action cards
1 Double-sided storyboard

Strengthen memory with a quick matching game or support sight word “seeing” by matching sight words with image cards while playing Wise Alec™ Junior!

Includes 4 exciting games designed to sharpen visual recognition skills, building counting skills, practice sight words, and encourage communication through play!


Wise Alec jr. is 4 games in one! Memory, charades, counting matching game and storytelling. Play the first 3 games and use the cards with the story board to tell your story.

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